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Historical & Cultural Attractions

historic and cultural attractions panama city beach fl

Historic and Cultural Attractions Panama City Beach FL

Shell Island
Shell Island is pristine barrier island that separates the St. Andrews Bay from the Gulf of Mexico. For over 100 years, it has been a favorite spot among locals for relaxing, fishing or enjoying the surf. Local legends say that pirates found ideal spots in the bayous to hide and wait for ships sailing to Mexico or Spain. Legend has it that Spanish Shanty Point on Shell Island was a popular place among pirates to bury treasure. Click here to find out running times for the shuttle to Shell Island.

St. Andrews State Recreation Area
This was the St. Andrews Sound Military Reservation during WW II. You can still see the circular cannon platforms near the jetties. Opened in 1951, the park now covers more than 1,200 acres and features areas for boating, camping, fishing or just enjoying the sun. One unique spot is the “wading pool” area, located on the Bay side of the park — it’s a favorite area for families with children due to it’s clear, calm water.

Scenic 30A
Located along old Hwy 98, Scenic 30A meanders and winds through hip beach communities full of cool, locally owned shops and quaint bistros. Explore this 30A is a great way to end a day at the beach. From Alys Beach on the east to Santa Rosa Beach on the west, the area offers lots of great places to grab a meal. Known as an artist’s hang out, 30A also boasts lots of funky shops full of unique clothing, art and home decor. Make sure to stop in Seaside, the location for the movie The Truman Show.