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Welcome to the official site of our Panama City Beach Hotel – Your Florida Vacation Destination.

When you visit the Beachside Resort Panama City Beach hotel, you’ll experience all the best of old Florida, with modern touches that are sure to delight. Classic and timeless, our resort is the perfect place to unwind and remember why you’ve always come to the beach. (And why you need to come more often.)

Here, you can relax along miles of sugar white sand and clear Gulf waters as far as the eye can see, while you listen to the sweet sounds of sandpipers and sea gulls soaring overhead. Located on the quiet, western end of Panama City Beach, Florida, the Beachside Resort has 147 recently renovated rooms.

Our location is far from the crowds and noise, but close to area attractions, restaurants and nightlife. When you stay at our hotel on Panama City Beach, we’ll help you discover all the best parts about life on the Gulf Coast – from the exquisite natural beauty to our sunny Southern hospitality.

Whatever the reason for your visit – be it business or pleasure – we’re sure you’ll decide to make the Beachside Resort Panama City Beach hotel your beach retreat. When you can watch dolphins swim by, soak in the sunset from your private balcony, cool off in our newly renovated beachfront pool or sip a tropical cocktail from The Reef Beach Bar, why would you ever want to go anywhere else?

Make plans to spend some time with us at the Beachside Resort, for a trip into Florida’s past, with all the modern amenities you expect. Our Panama City Beach hotel is a great place for families to make memories, couples to reconnect or snowbirds to escape winter’s chill.

If you’ve been here before, we can’t wait to welcome you back and show you all our wonderful changes.

If you haven’t … what are you waiting for?





Local Guide

funpcb panama city beach fl
Beach Rentals at Beachside

FUNPCB is the preferred beach service vendor for the Beachside Resort that provides beach chairs, chair pads and umbrellas. The chairs are already on the beach.

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festivals and events panama city beach fl
Festivals & Events

No matter when you're visiting, there's always a Panama City Beach event to attend. Our fun is four seasons long!

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capt andersons panama city beach fl
A Catch So Fresh, You Can Watch it Come Off the Boat

Let’s start by saying you’ll feel like a captain yourself, with tables made from old ships, colorful hanging glass buoys, an enormous marlin as the restaurant’s centerpiece, steering wheels, propellers and vintage diving suits on the walls.

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state parks panama city beach fl
Hiking and Biking our State Parks

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main drag of our beach, you can find some peace and quiet within our Florida state parks. Here, we'll share our favorite features of each park, from east to west. Just be back by dinner. All parks close at sunset.

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dees hangout panama city beach fl
This is ‘Dee’ Place to Be in PCB

Meet Dee. His 'hang-out' is one of the coolest places in Panama City Beach.

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gulf world panama city beach fl
Bringing the Gulf into Your World

There's no place to get up-close-and-personal with your favorite marine mammals (not fish!) than Gulf World in Panama City Beach FL.

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dustys oyster bar panama city beach fl
Shucks, This Place is Good!

When parking is so limited you have to fight for your seat from the street, you know you're in for a great meal.

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pier park panama city beach fl
A ‘Pier’ Review

Panama City Beach has no shortage of places to go and things to do, but if you are looking for a one-stop destination for dining, shopping and entertainment, you can't beat Pier Park.

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frank brown park panama city beach fl
A Walk in the Park

When you think of your friendly neighborhood park, you might picture a swing set or a baseball diamond, picnic tables and the occasional walking trail.

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sea dragon pirate cruise panama city beach fl
A Pirate with a Heart of Gold

Before he was Captain “Fearless” Phil, Phillip Adams was just another young boy grateful for the privilege to have been born to a family of fishermen in Panama City Beach. He spent his youth on the water, just as his father and grandfather had.

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margaritaville panama city beach fl
A Place in the Sun for Parrotheads + Burger Lovers

People who love good food (with or without lettuce and tomato), a whimsical atmosphere and lazy day music will be happy to dine and linger - or maybe even waste away - in Margaritaville.

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breakfast spots panama city beach fl
Breakfast on the Beach

Look, we get it. Not all of us are morning people, so if you don’t want to venture too far before your first cup of coffee, be sure to check out these breakfast spots near the Beachside Resort.

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Outdoor Adventure Panama City Beach FL Beachside Resort
Explore Florida’s Great Outdoors

Don’t let your visit go by without exploring the natural wonders of Florida’s Gulf Coast. From kayaking to fishing, running or biking, picnicking or bird watching – here are the best places to get outdoors in and around Panama City Beach.

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Golf Courses Panama City Beach FL Golf Course Panama City Beach Florida Beachside Resort
A Golfer’s Paradise

Perfect temperatures and challenging courses make Panama City Beach Florida a world-class golf destination, as Golf Digest dubbed Panama City Beach as one of America's top three golf towns.

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dining and nightlife panama city beach fl
Panama City Beach Dining & Nightlife

When the sun goes down, Panama City Beach lights up. There are lots of choices for after-dark entertainment including dance clubs, restaurants, wine bars, jazz venues, karaoke, and tiki lounges.

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family fun panama city beach fl
Family Fun in Panama City Beach

From pirate ships and animal parks to go-carts and giant slingshots --- there are boatloads of fun to be had in Panama City Beach, Florida.

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historic and cultural attractions panama city beach fl
Historical & Cultural Attractions

From meandering through hip beach communities to wading in clear, calm waters near historic military reservations; we've got you covered when it comes to must-see attractions.

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fishing panama city beach fl
When in Panama City Beach … Go Fish!

Florida’s Gulf Coast offers a wonderful variety of saltwater and freshwater fishing opportunities. One of the largest sport fishing fleets in the country is based in Panama City Beach.

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